Comparison of methodological benefits





Drug/hormone therapy

Dilation and Curettage (D&C)

First-generation endometrial ablation

Second-generation endometrial ablation (including MEA)


Complete elimination of menstrual bleeding

Relief for HMB 

Non-invasive – no procedure required

Once therapy is stopped, patient can get pregnant

Reduction of heavy flow for next few cycles 

Removal of polyps (if they occur)

Light to moderate periods 

Possible elimination of bleeding

For 8 out of 10 women, periods are much lighter or stop altogether 

Avoid recovery time needed for hysterectomy 

No stitches or scars 

Can be done under local anaesthesia in theatre or office setting or under general anaesthesia in theatre 

Can avoid the risks associated with general anaesthesia 

Period pain related to heavy bleeding may be reduced 

No effect on hormone production by ovaries 

Operation takes less than 30 minutes

Recovery time/ post-procedural effects

Hospital stay required – 1-3 days for laparoscopic hysterectomy, 3-6 days for abdominal hysterectomy 

Bladder catheter for 1-3 days 

IV drip with fluids and painkillers for first 24 hours 

Discomfort and pain – several days 

Tiredness – up to six weeks 

Resume normal activity – four to eight weeks for abdominal hysterectomy, 1-2 weeks for laparoscopic hysterectomy

(See risks and complications below)

2-4 hours supervised recovery 

Resume normal activities 2-3 days 

Mild cramping 

Spotting or light bleeding 

Nausea and vomiting from general anaesthesia

2-4 hours supervised recovery 

Resume normal activities 2-3 days 

Mild to moderate cramping – lasting one to two weeks 

Vaginal discharge – two to four weeks 

Nausea and vomiting (general anaesthetic 

“Over-all” aching and soreness – 48 – 72 hours

For general anaesthesia, 2-4 hours supervised recovery 

For local anaesthesia, 1-2 hours supervised recovery 

For general anaesthesia, avoid driving for 24 hours 

For local anaesthesia, return to normal as soon as feel like it 

Some women experience mild cramping for a day or two 

Some women experience mild bleeding, like a period, for 7-10 days 

Watery discharge for 3-4 weeks 

Return to normal sexual activity after bleeding has settled 

If hormonal pre-treatment, may have hot flushes for a month or so